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    Ander Scharbach is an American iconographer who paints sacred art for the glory of God. At a young age, Ander began formal instruction through a developmental program at the Baltimore School for the Arts. He then studied at the Schuler School of Fine Arts--an atelier program that focuses on classical and Renaissance techniques. In his final year at the Schuler school, Ander felt a call to study sacred art, and he met Colette Kalvesmaki, who introduced him to Byzantine iconography. Ander then studied the painting of church interiors in Greenville, SC, with Seraphim O’Keefe.


    Ander then traveled to England to study with the King’s Foundation, apprenticing under Aidan Hart, a renowned iconographer. While he was in England, he was also able to study under Martin Earle for a short time.


    Ander combines his classical training with his understanding of iconography to create sacred art that speaks to the Western soul. 


    Ander's long term goal is to create sacred art that helps bring about a renewed culture of beauty in the Catholic Church.

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